Link Communications: Creating community partnerships that produce positive results
Strategic Services

Working together, achieving together

Collaboration & Partnership Creation

Partnerships are powerful. LINK’s core business provides leadership for successful governance of innovative, sustainable projects that cross sectoral lines.

Today, by working with LINK, you can do more with others than you can do alone. We facilitate effective group work to ensure all participants’ objectives are met within one enterprise.

Creating mutual success

Strategic Planning

LINK builds and manages flexible processes that ask questions, inform and impact targeted audiences, and provides clear focus on specifically targeted ideas, needs, expectations, knowledge and experience.

Our first role is to create a vision, a mission and value statements. We then translate those statements into the goals and action plans to make your community initiatives a success.

Inspiring appreciation and respect

Consultation and Community Engagement

Building trust and demonstrating commitment are essential for positive community engagement.

LINK specializes in building initiatives to help stakeholders experience new and different ways of working together. Our major goal is to create community initiatives that result in a sustainable culture of reciprocal appreciation and respect.

LINK brings stakeholders together to develop solutions to complex issues. Our proven, flexible processes identify current and emerging community issues and evaluate musts and wants to generate the community’s buy-in.

Removing barriers, moving forward

Building Community Capacity

A community is the sum of its parts. Each part is equally real and each part is integral by its inclusion. LINK puts the jigsaw of community perceptions, needs and voices together into cooperative patterns that chart choices and strategies for sustainable communities.

Successful community engagement is determined by the extent to which members are willing to work together to identify common goals and actively develop the sustainable, working relationships necessary for achieving those goals.

LINK leads community stakeholders by removing barriers to success and assessing their readiness to move forward with a plan of action.

Evaluating and facilitating opportunities

Budget & Funding Development

To ensure organizational viability and sustainability, community engagement initiatives must have a diversified revenue/income base.

LINK works with participants to help identify partnership opportunities, generate revenue assets and produce proposal funding and asset development.

Innovating, implementing and succeeding

Project & Operational Development

Community investment is exactly that – an investment that is expected to show a reasonable return. LINK’s core business is providing leadership for successful governance of innovative, sustainable projects that cross traditional sectoral lines and boundaries.

We build concepts, lead complex initiatives, track controls, install measurements and construct interim and summative reporting from project genesis through development, implementation and completion.